Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Most Wonderful Cats

Photo: Ada needs a new home.

Sent by a cat lover:

"well, we have to do it.

as you may know, we're moving to copenhagen. as you also may know, we have a few cats. some think its crazy to bring a cat to denmark. pretty much everyone would agree its psychotic to bring three. so we're trying to find a good home for ada and lily. chances are we've already asked you, or know that you cant take them. but maybe we havent asked. or maybe you know someone who could. or know someone who knows someone . . .

they are wonderful cats who have grown up together and so if at all possible we want them to stay together. ada is 8 and lily is 7. they both love to sit on laps and in boxes and to play with each other. ada is black and white and really smart and has distinctive features like a black spot on her nose. lily is gray with white paws and a bit of a ballerina and she'll fall over if you rub her belly right. i think she may actually be the sweetest cat in the world.

i've attached pictures. dont want to beg but if you know anyone who you think may be able to care for them, please pass this on. this is a terribly depressing email to write and possibly to receive and i apologize. i also apologize if you live very far away or our communications have lapsed . . . we are casting a wide net and hoping that someone knows someone who might come to love these cats nearly as much as we do.


catherine and benjamin and lily and ada."

CONTACT: catherine zeidler,
Photo: Ada and Lily

Photo: Lily needs a new home.