Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cat Fancy Magazine Features The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside

Photo: The victorian house from The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside

Cat Fancy Magazine Feature:
The April issue of Cat Fancy magazine (in stores now) features an interview with von Buhler, by Laura Lee Bloor, about her children's book, The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside. Available in pet stores everywhere.
Read a portion of the interview HERE. Exclusive Feature:
There is an exclusive now on, featuring audio clips of von Buhler telling stories of her cat-rescue endeavors. Go HERE to listen to von Buhler and view pictures.

Photo: The book is about this cat named Olympus.

Photo: Princess Fancy Feast was rescued at Christmas time.

Photo: Pacman had been hit by a car.

Photo: Musso would eat mice whole.

Photo: Little Miss, Chairman Meow were rescued when they were very sick feral kittens. Cowie's Baby, on the right, cares for them.

Photo: Fuzzy Pumper was a little feral furball who appeared on our porch one day.

Photo: Have you seen this picture of Little Bear elsewhere? Hint: He is very musical.

Photo: Little Miss and Chairman Meow recover from their illness and become friendly.

Photo: Dr. Q sneezes big long green boogers.