Monday, August 28, 2006

Letter from Princess Fancy Feast & Stephanie, Boston

Here is a sweet letter from Stephanie and Princess Fancy Feast. Isn't Princess a beauty? She was one of my rescues at the purple house in Boston:

Dear Cynthia:

I'm writing to tell you how spectacular your new book is. Reading the true story caused tears to stream down my face. The book version is impressive as well and the art... well, just amazing! You're so talented!

Princess Fancy Feast checked out your wonderful website with me and she was *so* excited to see her name on the list of cats you've adopted--she felt like a celebrity!

PFF wants you to know that she is very happy in life, spending most of her days lounging, as royalty should, in my loft, with only the vaguest memories of being chased under the dresser when she lived with Fuzzy Pumper and Pac-man.

I want to thank you for rescuing her (legend has it she was a Christmas gift?) because she has brought so much joy to my life. She's simply the cutest creature that has ever walked the earth.

I'm looking forward to buying your book and recommending it to all the cat-lovers I know.

Best wishes,
Princess Fancy Feast

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Twice The Cat Love

One of our blog readers, E. Stephen Frederick, from Massachusetts sent in this amazing cat story with a link to this video.This gorgeous kitty was born in a cat breeder's litter. The horrified breeder brought him to a vet to be put down but luckily he was saved. Or, should I say, they were saved?

I want a two-headed cat, don't you?