Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book Signing At The Spotty Dog During The Winter Walk Festival in Hudson, New York

The Spotty Dog Books & Ale in Hudson, New York.

Photo: The Spotty Dog door sign.

Photo: The Spotty Dog, view from outside.

Photo: Cynthia von Buhler holding Miss Jenny Poodles.

Photo: Customers entering the crowded store.

Photo: Louis Carrozza, Cynthia's father and the builder of the dollhouse in the book.

Photo: Cynthia von Buhler signing books.

Photo: Cynthia von Buhler signing books.

Photo: The crowded Hudson street.

Photo: Horse-drawn carriages on the street.

Photo: Russell Farhang and Miss Jenny Poodles.

Photo: Co-owner of The Spotty Dog, Kelley Drahushuk.

Photo: Owners of The Spotty Dog, Alan Coon and Kelley Drahushuk.