Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book Signing At Diskovery in Boston

My booksigning visit to Boston was a big success.

Read The Boston Globe clip HERE

I had two crowded book signings while I was in Boston. I met with many friends that I haven't seen in ages. Also, at Diskovery I signed books for The Twombley family (see my picture with John Twombley above) who had lived in the purple house their whole lives before I bought it. I also visited the old house and met the Boston University students who now live there. It was sad to see that the once jewel-toned interior had been painted white and many of the details had been removed. Overall the house looked shabby which was disturbing, however, the students that live there are keeping Castle von Buhler's eccentric vibe alive. They are keeping chickens in the front yard where my dove tower used to stand. You can read about their story HERE.