Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Cat or Dog Food Could Cause Kidney Failure: Major Pet Food Recall

Yesterday I went to PetSmart to buy wet food pouches for my dog and there were none left on the shelf. Now I know why. Tonight a friend sent me this information below. I checked the UPC number and we have the bad food (Eukanuba for Senior Dogs). Luckily our dog, Miss Jenny Poodles (pictured), has not experienced any problems. We feed our cats prescription M/D wet food (because one is diabetic) and my most recent rescue, Puss Puss, has been eating Fancy Feast so no worries there. [Scratch that last comment! I had a false feeling of security. See my recent blog posts, even my prescription food was not safe!] Please check to make sure that you are not feeding your cat or dog these recalled brands of wet food. A few years ago one of my cats, Cleo, ate the dust from a white lilly and went into renal failure. I noticed that she was acting strange and took her to the vet. She was saved but it was a close call. Please check and make sure that you don't have these products. - Cynthia

IMPORTANT BLOG UPDATE: I took down my list of recalled foods because it appears that the list is growing and I did not want to miss any products that were recently added. So, please visit the FDA site for an up-to-date list of recalled foods and press releases by clicking HERE.