Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kitty (and Dog) Adoptions at CVB Space Receptions

Photo: Miss Rebecca Shivers still needs a home.

Photo: Donna chooses Oliver, a 3-legged kitty.

Photo: Everyone wanted to take Jenny (now Poodley) home.

Photo: Poodley finds a home.

Photo: These adorable kittens still need a home.

Photo: Adopt this black kitty for Halloween.

Photo: Cynthia holds Oliver.

Photo: Oliver and Cynthia in front of the dollhouse set.

Photo: Poodley likes sleeping on the fake snow.

City Critters, a New York City animal rescue organization, brought some beautiful cats and dogs to the opening and closing receptions for The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside at CVB Space. Dave and Diane adopted cats, Cindy (aka Sydney) and Yuki, and Donna plans to adopt a sweet, and very agile, 3-legged cat named Oliver. Russell and I even took home a dog! We named her Poodley after my favorite childhood stuffed animal. She looks like a cat when viewed from behind although she is tinier than most kitties. Check out the City Critters website to see all of the cats and dogs, rescued from the streets of New York City, who are in need of loving homes. Also, you'll be glad to know that when you buy The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside a portion of my royalties, for each book sold, will be donated to City Critters.